Strategies For A Successful SEO Company in Miami, FL

The primary objective for a search engine optimization company is to improve the revenue of their client’s companies through the search engines.

There are a few major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, DuckDuck Go, etc…

However, asides from Google, these tend to not be so good.

Holding a 90% market share in the U.S market – it’d be counter-productive to try to optimize for anything than the big G.

This presents a viable strategy when the client is a multi-national company, but normally even in the European markets, they tend to be much more focused on Google.

In Asia & Russia, that’s a whole different ballgame.

In any case, Eurasia is ass backwards. Read here:

The overarching responsibility of an internet marketing company therefore is to increase the traffic attaining top rank spots within the search engine results page, dubbed SERP.

This will increase visibility within their target market and increase revenue by as much as millions to tens of millions of dollars.

A viable strategy is therefore imperative to success in the SERPs.

Things like link building and coherent on-page optimization is paramount.

Brand building and content marketing play equal importance but are reserved for more advanced techniques.

Fortune 500 clients benefit greatly from such practices.

Local small businesses however would be better off with silo structures and more aggressive link building.

It’s the job of an SEO Company to establish their needs early on and assure their success.

Larger sites are a whole different breed.

The use of internal linking is of utmost importance as well as removing dead weight (redirects, useless pages, and dead pages).

Sites such as Amazon and Wikipedia do an amazing job with this and thus boast traffic numbers in the billions from Google alone.

It’s important to know that Google isn’t a judging omnipotent being, but rather a curator of pages which it finds valuable and offers them to its users.

Google’s business model depends largely on advertiser money and advertisers rely heavily on users.

Users are in search of the best content on the web and Google facilitates this by building algorithms that procure the best content related to the user’s intent.

This intent is derived from the search query which again is determined by algorithms and most notably Artificial Intelligence such as RankBrain.

Hence why we’re moving into what’s being called the Semantic Era and it’s important to create sites and web pages that appease this LSI algorithm.

That stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. Google’s getting gradually better at deciphering user intent and providing the best search results.

As they improve on such practices, link building will cease to be a relevant factor but for now it works wonders.

On-Page has been gaining great traction since 2013 and will continue to do so. So as a webmaster it’s important to craft long-form content that targets directly the user’s intent.

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